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2012 - 2013 SCHOOL YEAR
This course is an overview of the history of the United States from the 19th century until the present. This course is a one-year study of the United States in the modern world. We will investigate events that have occurred in this century to see how it has led to situations we find ourselves in today, and evaluate how knowledge of the past can guide us in making sensible decisions for the future. In a historical context the following concepts will be stressed: geography, political systems, interdependence, change, leadership, ideologies, economics, war, culture, conspiracy, propaganda, and the worth of the individual.
Course Title: Modern United States History SC.
Location: Room A410.
Extra Help Schedule: 8:00am & 3:15pm (Appointments only).
Email Address: f.anyanwu@eastorange.k12.nj.us (work) & flozy96@yahoo.com (personal which is most frequently used).
Course Text: United States History.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: The overall objective is to help students organize their study, explore topics, review in preparation for assessments, and practice skills of historical thinking and analysis. Activities include analyzing primary sources and maps, creating timelines, completing projects and written assignments, and conducting independent research.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: As a student, you are expected to stay focused and be cognized of all assignments and due dates. The overall purpose of having a syllabus of detailed assignments is so that you are able to stay on top of your work and complete assignments successfully in the event that you are absent. All absentees have 3 – 5 days following their return from an extended absence to make up all missed assignments. However, this is up for negotiation if the absentee properly arranges to speak with Mrs. Anyanwu in regards to an extension. Be sure to speak with Mrs. Anyanwu in advance if you are experiencing any issues, have any questions, or concerns. Being informed as to what is happening around you will help you to do well and understand this class. Bear in mind that history is constantly affecting your reality, and it is also the analysis and understanding of processes that have created our present reality. As we study the great events, people and ideologies that helped to shape our lives today and the future, I intend to make every minute very exciting and interesting.
ATTENDANCE: It is each student’s obligation to attend all classes unless formally absent from school. In cases of prior engagements and/or obligations to clubs, activities, and/or school events then it is the student’s duty to speak with me for necessary arrangements to be made. Cutting and make-up work are unacceptable. No make-up work will be given if a student did not complete work assigned the first time, as doing such will be unfair to those students who remained dedicated to following directions. Extra credit opportunities are available based on my personal discretion; they are unavailable for slackers who wait until the last minute to be successful.
GRADING: The grading scale for this course is 90 – 100 = A, 89 – 80 = B, 79 – 70 =C, 69 – 60 = D, Below 60 = F. This is in accordance with the student handbook policy for grading. There will also be:
•Formative (Bi-weekly) 20%
•Summative/Tests/Quizzes – 30%
•Projects - 10%
•Class work/Class participation – 25%
•Homework – 15%
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: I maintain a strong policy against cheating and copying. Any student suspected and confirmed of cheating on a test/quiz and/or plagiarizing on any project/paper will be given a failing grade in this course.
MATERIALS: One 3 – 5 subjects notebook (to be divided into sections for homework, notes, and class assignments), pen, and a highlighter.

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